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Part-Time CFO Services

Are you looking for a part-time chief financial officer with sound financial acumen and the ability to help transform your business?

Employing a full-time CFO is a big commitment for most businesses. That is why a part-time chief finance officer makes perfect sense.

You get the benefit of a CFO with years of know-how across multiple industries and in growing businesses at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, there are no long term contracts to worry about – you can cancel anytime.

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on your accountant to steer you in the right direction. They are great at dealing with historical accounts and tax returns, but they won’t have the skills and experience to guide your business into the future.

That is why FDX offer our CFO as a service solution.

Why Use The FDX Part-Time CFO Services

First of all, we are not a recruitment company. All of our part-time CFOs have been hand-picked to join our team.

Every one of our part-time CFOs is qualified from a recognised accountancy institute and has held either financial director roles of chief financial officer roles in companies of varying sizes and across numerous industries in the UK. You can rest assured that they have the experience and know-how to work alongside your board and staff.

Using a part-time CFO from FDX comes with a host of benefits including:


No Salary Overheads

One of the biggest benefits is not incurring a large annual salary for a full-time CFO. You also don’t have to worry about pension contributions, sickness or holiday pay.

We hand-pick one of our portfolio CFOs to match your needs. So there is no need to go through the recruitment process of advertising, interviewing and hiring a full-time chief finance officer.

Support The Owner / MD

Business owners, MD’s and CEO’s have enough on their plate without having to deal with the burden and mundane tasks associated with finance.

Our part time CFOs take away the pressure so they can focus on the tasks that drive the business forward. Once this happens, we notice that every business starts to flourish.

No Long Term Contracts

We will offer a truly bespoke package tailored to your business and needs. Our part-time CFOs are available anywhere from one day per month to two days per week or on a project by project basis.

We offer flexible arrangements, so you decide when and where you want the support and knowledge of our part-time CFO service.

Proven Track Record

Our CFOs have a successful track record of helping small businesses in the start-up stage, SME’s during the growth stage or those who are planning for an exit.

In these challenging times, you will want a CFO who has the experience to quickly solve problems, spot opportunities to pivot, make strategic decisions and generally be a solid sounding board.

How We Help

Our part time CFOs operate at a strategic level and are equally happy to roll up their sleeves to be hands-on.

Improving cash flow and growth strategy

Maximising profits, improving cash flow & preparing for exits

Steering business through difficult trading

Steering the business through difficult trading conditions & reducing costs

Part time fd international expansion and entering new markets

Help with International expansion, acquisitions or to enter new markets

Raising equity finance and tax efficient structures

Raising equity finance & implementing tax efficient structures

Manage banking relationships and 3rd parties

Managing banking, auditor & external stakeholder / investor relationships

managing the internal finance function

Managing finance functions, reporting, compliance & control processes

FDX – One Of The UK’s Leading Providers Of Part-Time CFO Services

Client’s Who Trusted Us To Help

Photo of law partner who used a part-time FD

Managing Partner, Legal Firm, Glasgow

When FDX started working with us, our designated part-time CFO joined our 5-person management board. It was reinvigorating for the team.

Initially working 1-2 days per week their wide commercial knowledge and experience of working with other legal firms helped me. They also assisted the other partners manage the firm strategically, and operationally, through challenging times and supported us in planning ahead for wider changes expected in the legal sector.

I highly recommend using FDX, you will notice a difference.

Photo of the retail business MD who used FDX

Managing Director, Retail Business, Manchester

When our lenders suggested we engage a part-time CFO I wasn’t particularly keen as I couldn’t see what value they would bring compared to our accountants.

Six months later I cannot believe how one day a week has made such a difference, not only to our business but also to myself.

I now have time to concentrate on the tasks that only require my input. This has had a significant impact on our bottom line as well as being personally less stressed.

I just wished we had gone down this route years ago.

Photo of Engineering form MD who used a part-time FD

Managing Director, Engineering, Birmingham

As we started to expand we needed better information on how our business was operating and our accountants didn’t have the skill set we were looking for.

We turned to FDX to provide some expert help and they were able to provide someone from their network who had the right knowledge and experience to start making a difference straight away.

I now know really quickly what is happening in our business and have clear KPI’s on our present and likely future performance. Our part-time CFO has been a real boost to our team.

How We Work

We like to keep things simple so that we can quickly start helping you. It only takes 3 simple steps:


We arrange a call to discuss your requirements


We pair you with our best part-time CFO for your needs


We work together to transform your business

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