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Selling Your Business

Are you looking for someone who will maximise your sale value and who can help you exit your business smoothly?

Yes, then you will want an experienced Finance Director by your side.

Selling a business doesn’t start when you are seeking buyers, it starts when you are thinking about selling up. Preparation is the key to a successful exit.

What’s more, you don’t need to employ a full-time FD, when a part-time FD who has the knowledge and experience in selling businesses is a more cost effective solution.

Our part-time FD’s ensure that you are financially and structurally sound, so buyers want to buy your business. In these times, buyers have plenty of companies to choose from, so we help find the right buyer, make you stand out from the crowd and work until the deal is done.

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Why Use FDX Part-Time Finance Directors To Sell Your Business

First of all, your accountant is not the answer. They are great at filing historical accounts, but they are not the best person to put in charge of selling your business.

Now think about selling your home. You would want get your housekeeping in order, spruce it up and make sure everything is in working condition before you let prospective buyers through the front door. That way you can secure a higher sale price and sell quicker.

Selling your business is not any different.

This might be your first time selling a business, so you will want to have someone with experience and the know-how helping you. That is why you need to speak with FDX.

Our part-time Finance Directors help business owners secure the best exit deals.

We know how to prepare a business for sale, how to structure the sales process (and when to sell), how to put the correct systems and controls in place, we also provide stability and support to the senior management team and handle the relationships with potential buyers, 3rd parties and funders.

Using a part-time Finance Director from FDX comes with a host of benefits including:

Increasing The Valuation

Valuations are commonly based on multiples of your EBITDA. Our part-time Finance Directors work to improve your EBITDA ahead of the sale.

By working alongside your senior management team, we can identify areas which will ultimately increase the sale value and set in motion a plan to achieve this.

Dealing With Buyers

Dealing with buyers can be daunting. They are well versed in scrutinising accounts, processes and risks – looking for the slightest inaccuracy to decrease the valuation, or a reason to walk away.

Our FD’s speak their language and know exactly what questions they will ask and how they will audit your balance sheet.

Take Away The Stress

Dealing with a business sale alone is stressful.  Our FD’s are more than number crunchers, they are board level advisors who work alongside you to take away the stress.

We take care of the relationships with external parties: the buyers, suppliers and potential funders. We are forward-thinking and consider long term revenue models to increase cash flow and the appeal for buyers.

Building An Exit Plan

If you have never sold a business before, the chances are that you don’t have a “tried & testing” exit plan. This is when “getting it right” first time is crucial.

Our Financial Directors know how to create an exit plan, how to deal with negotiations and how to assist the legal team to finalise the contract through to completion.

Sorting Processes & Controls

When buyers buy businesses, they don’t buy you. They want a sustainable business which has proper processes and controls in place and which is not reliant on the owner.

Our FD’s have witnessed the processes and systems implemented by other businesses in your marketplace. We know what is required to improve your operations and make you look attractive to buyers.

Reduce The Selling Costs

One of the biggest benefits is not incurring a large annual salary for a full-time FD who may not have experience of selling businesses. You also don’t have to worry about pension contributions, sickness or holiday pay.

More money is saved by using FDX, as there is no need to go through the process of advertising, finding and hiring a full-time FD.

FDX – We Provide Finance Directors Who Maximise Your Sale Value

How We Work

We like to keep things simple so that we can quickly start helping you. It only takes 3 simple steps:


We arrange a call to discuss your requirements


We pair you with our best part-time FD for your needs


We work together to help sell your business

Client’s Who Trusted Us To Help

Photo of Engineering form MD who used a part-time FD

Managing Director, Facilities Management, Newcastle

I really did not know where to start when I wanted to sell my business, and I felt our accountants didn’t have the skills to get us the best value and outcome we wanted.

FD Executive Solutions gave us the understanding of what we needed to do, how long it would take. Our part-time finance director guided us through the process, adding impetus and gravitas to our senior management team enabling us to exit with the figure we really wanted.

They also stayed with the new purchaser to make sure the transition was handled in the best possible way. Our exit was longer than we anticipated but we ended up with what we wanted so we are more than happy.

Photo of the retail business MD who used FDX

Chief Executive, Digital Media, Cheshire

I have been thinking about selling our business for some time now, but when we started the process we didn’t know where to turn to and our accountants weren’t being particularly helpful.

An associate suggested I look to appoint a part-time FD to help prepare the business and I contacted FD Executive Solutions.

Having worked with our part-time FD I now have a clear plan of what we need to do by when to get the best value for when I finally decide to sell.

Photo of law partner who used a part-time FD

Managing Partner, Legal Firm, Glasgow

When FDX started working with us, our designated part-time Finance Director joined our 5-person management board. 

Initially working 1-2 days per week their wide commercial knowledge and experience of working with other businesses helped me.

They also assisted the other partners manage the firm strategically and operationally, and supported us in planning ahead.

I highly recommend using FDX when you are ready to sell.

The Next Step

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